Tuesday, September 08, 2009

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Kabul turns down offer to become "sister city" with Washington D.C. ...

Obama's plan to 'have a beer' with nation's fourth graders hits unexpected legal snag ...

Length of Obama speech draws comparisons to Beslan ...

Hyannisport Police: number of women date raped at Kennedy wake "surprisingly low ..."

Diageo stock plummets after news of Sen. Kennedy's passing ...

With Lion of the Senate" gone, "Jackal" and "Hyena" of the Senate assume leadership of Congressional Democrats ...

Obama Administration moves to "reallocate" professional baseball scores ...
"The time is now for the Cubs to get their fair share"

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the libtard in chief is a self proclaimed White Sox fan...except when he needs the northsider vote...recently when asked about baseball he proclaimed his love for "Cominsky" park (the White Sox played in "Comiskey" park until it was renamed US Cellular field, aka "The Cell")
Oh LION, with an "O". Okay that explains a lot.
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