Tuesday, October 16, 2007

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Quagmire: Randi Rhodes Mugged in NYC ...

Jack Murtha Pins Randi Rhodes Mugging on Marines ...

Boys And Girls Clubs of America: "No Comment ..."

Emails Pour In From Dozens ...

Rhodes Is First Mugging Victim In New York EVAR EVAR EVAR!!!1111!!111!

OJ Out On Bail ...
Judge: "It's not like Mr. White Ford Bronco is a flight risk or anything ..."
Whereabouts unknown on night of Rhodes mugging ...

Randi Rhodes ID'd As Nicole Brown Simpson's Real Killer ...

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You know, I forgot about all those kids in the Boys & Girls Clubs.

I bet they're pissed. Not that it couldn't be Carl Rove. I mean, all he had to do was wait and let her come to him.

That is not to say I don't find her mugging reprehensible. If it happened to you, my kids, her, it is an awful act. What I think you, and I, are reacting to are posts on the Lefty sites questioning whether or not this is a part of the Great Rightwing Conspiracy!

The saddest part of all? Some of these wackos have actual degrees from high schools and universities. After we shoot all the attorneys and all the personal finance advisors, let's find the teachers responsible for these ranters and line them up, too.

In, or out?
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