Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oops. I messed up. 
I made the mistake of giving the libtards too much credit for honesty and judgement. I had thought they were being truthful about not covering illegal immigrants under ObamaCare.

Turns out that that's not true, either. The libtards are bound and determined to allow even illegal immigrants to suckle at the public teat.

Health reform legislation, particularly H.R. 3200, contains a number of provisions that open the door to taxpayer funding of immigrants’ health care. That’s for illegal aliens, legal aliens who are supposed to rely on their sponsor for financial assistance their first five years here, and certain immigrants who sponsor other immigrants.

In brief:

Despite nominally barring illegal immigrants from receiving a health-insurance subsidy, an amendment to require that applicants be screened for eligibility — as are all other welfare recipients — was rejected on a party-line vote.
Even legal immigrants whose sponsors are supposed to provide them financial support would be eligible for taxpayer-funded subsidies.

Certain legal immigrants who qualify for premium subsidies or expanded Medicaid would also be able to sponsor new immigrants, whom they would have to pledge to support.

Illegal immigrants would be exempt from the legal mandate to have health insurance, but they’d still receive taxpayer-funded medical services at health clinics and hospitals required to serve all those presenting with medical emergencies.

So they have carefully left the back door sitting wide open - and voted overwhelmingly to keep it open - for illegals to steal health care from the American taxpayer. (Indeed, in a way, they might have to. If the libtards get their way, they will make it illegal for illegal immigrants to buy their own private health insurance!)

They do all this - on a party line vote - while simultaneously trotting forth their leaders to claim that the ObamaCare will not cover illegals, KNOWING DAMN WELL THAT IT WILL.

There is simly no negotiating in good faith with the current crop of libtards. They will lie to your face. They'll sabatoge and undercut their own legislation. They'll search your court records and divorce proceedings if you get in their way.

Nothing is beyond the pale for these people.

Splash, out


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You need look no further than 'Governor Blagojevich's AllKids' to see where this is all going. Blago came in, renamed the state's SCHIP program, and expanded it illegally 'covering every kid in the state' (with insurance that few doctors will ake!). Yeah, same rules about no illegals as in the current HB3200, but it's all a function of enforcement - if the intake people CAN'T ask, then illegals are welcomed with a wink. Simple county enrollment figures would tell you statistically there are obviously illegals on the rolls, but Blagojevich's people (still there, even after his impeachment) won't release those numbers under FOIA because of "HIPAA".
HIPAA wouldn't prevent the state from releasing the numbers. Only the identities of the individuals.

If I were an IL-based news organization, I'd press hard with a lawsuit.

If only there were an Illinois news organization who could be trusted!
A strict reading of HIPAA could, and the state is taking as strict a read as they can muster.
Comes down to 'individually identifiable data points'; race AND county (county and zip being a subsegment of address)...

There are Illinois based orgs fighting this, but unfortunately the state gets to stonewall until they win.

It doesn't matter - it's all the same problem.
You had the government taking an aggressive read of the law on HIPAA disclosure, but a loose interpretation on 'importing' foreign drugs as it suited their political ends.
If Illinois can do it at the state level, then the fed can do it at theirs. (Obama and Blagojevich weren't close, but it's not a stretch for Obama's people to use the 'lessons learned' here.) The whole dustup over death panels is a fine example - let's take them at their word and assume it's only meant to permit paying for such counseling. That's no protection against someone who reads the law differently than what we are told it means.
For the 100th time, the "death panels" have NOTHING to do with end-of-life-planning counseling! NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING!!!!!!

For the life of me I don't understand why people are falling for that garbage!
Really? Then how do they come about, I'd really like to know.

What section of the language creates the death panels?
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