Saturday, July 11, 2009

Suppose you were an idiot 
And suppose further that you were a Canadian citizen.

But I repeat myself.

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Just curious, you mean all Canadian citizens, perhaps especially those silly enough to support military action in Iraq when their countrymen eventually turned against it? Perhaps they were futily defying their essential idiocy? I wonder if Mr. Twain would have been impressed at your choice of words.

Yeah, I know, you were only joking. Time for another news ticker of absurd statements, to camouflage this one. Mark Twain was funnier. Somehow jokes that are direct insults about people who have power over you can come off courageous instead of merely nasty.


social conservative Reform Party of Canada created by Preston Manning, son of Alberta Social Credit Premier Ernest Manning. The party was very controversial in Canadian politics. It advocated deep decentralization of government power, abolishment of official bilingualism and multiculturalism, democratization of the Canadian Senate, opposed abortion, opposed extending rights to homosexuals and suggested a potential return to capital punishment, and advocated significant privatization of public services.
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