Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Illinois Federalists. 
I hate Illinois Federalists.

Illinois has not abolished self-defense and has not expressed a preference for long guns over handguns. But the municipalities can, and do, stress another of the themes in the debate over incorporation of the Bill of Rights: That the Constitution establishes a federal republic where local differences are to be cherished as elements of liberty rather than extirpated in order to produce a single, nationally applicable rule.

Damn your inalienable, God-given, natural right to life and liberty. We got teh federalism to uphold! (That's the Chicago Way.)

Federalism is an older and more deeply rooted tradition than is a right to carry any particular kind of weapon.

Ok... anyone who can write that crap with a straight face has spent entirely too long in law school.

Not only that, but they have their heads up their asses and don't know history.

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Didn't Rowe v. Wade directly contradict this concept? SCOTUS found a state law unconstitutional because somehow a majority of justices found the right to an abortion in the Constitution. The same libtards who see Rowe v. Wade as a more solid precedent than "thou shalt not kill" are the ones making the argument that it's OK for states and municipalities to pass laws that restrict a right that is expressly stated in the Constitution.

Further, the Second Amendment says "shall not be infringed", unlike the First Amendment which says "Congress shall make no law. The Founders expressly prohibited only Congress from some specific acts and didn't specify congress for others for a reason! It isn't an accident.

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