Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Lefty bloggers furious at the lack of free money coming their way. 
That's the word coming from the major lefty blogs. They're mad as hell, and they're not gonna take it anymore!
Here's a hint, you idiots:

The conventional media companies hire professional ad salespeople, and pay them a hefty commission, to go out and solicit ad space.

It's a brutal, highly competetive business.

The reason you haven't got your share is because you haven't put for the effort a publisher and ad sales force puts into revenue generation. Hint: If you put all your effort into content - which we love, and it's why we became bloggers instead of ad salespeople - that effort isn't going to putting hours and hours into developing a media kit, tracking metrics, spending money to get those metrics audited by a third party, and sitting down and making 400 phone calls a day to potential advertisers.

Because that's what your competition is doing to barely break even in many cases.

If Jane Hamsher would stop flapping her gums on Bloggingheads for free and sit and dial for dollars and learn to sell and close, she could bring in money.

But she wouldn't be writing, and that's not as much fun.

Libtards don't understand where money comes from. Which is why they are so eager to tax it when they think someone has too much.

I see this on www.angryjournalist.com all the time. Low-paid editorial staff complain about long hours and cutbacks in the newsroom and illustrate it by complaining about how the sales staff makes so much money, or got a neat trip or something.

Any good ad salesman should come to the newsroom, and say four little magic words: "I'm revenue; You're overhead."

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