Friday, April 03, 2009

Democrat districts shaft military voters 
From a reader:

In New York, ten counties make up the 20th congressional district, and nine of them sent their absentee ballots to overseas voters too late for them to be received and returned in time to count in this election. One county mailed them on March 12 and eight counties mailed them on March 13, all by regular mail with only one exception — Essex County used an express mail service.

Under New York law, absentee ballots in this race had to be postmarked by March 30, the day before the March 31 election, and received by April 7. That left most military voters only 25 days to receive, mark and return their absentee ballots, which everyone agrees isn’t enough time, given overseas mail delays.

A congressional seat hangs in the balance.

Some servicemember with standing (i.e., residence in the district) should file suit. Now.

The Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, which is responsible for enforcing the federal statute that guarantees the right of overseas citizens and military personnel to vote by absentee ballot, contacted the New York State Board of Elections and requested that they issue their ballots sooner for this race. The two Republican members of the board voted to support this request. Yet the two Democratic members of the board, shamefully enough, voted against doing so. Were they trying to disenfranchise military voters?

I can think of no other reason.

The Justice Department then filed a federal lawsuit on March 24 against the election board and the governor of New York. But the requested remedy was nowhere near what should have been asked for to remedy this problem, and didn’t include any of the measures that we successfully asked for from other courts when I was at the Division coordinating DOJ’s enforcement of this statute.

The only thing DOJ leaders essentially asked for (and got in a consent decree) was an extension of time for the receipt of overseas ballots, from April 7 to April 13. In other words, despite the fact that almost every expert in this area now recommends at least a 45-day transit time for absentee ballots for military voters, Justice asked only for 30.

You've heard of the Texas Two-step? This is the Chicago Half-Step.

Millions for the Unions, not one cent for soldiers!

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This is just one more in a long string of acts that demonstrate the lack of respect the Democratic party has for servicemen. Or for that matter, the military itself. I suspect the goal is to get our soldiers to quit.
Isn't it true that 'express' postage is a waste of money for deployed soldiers?
It will speed it's way to the military, but then be stuck waiting on the military's postage system; to be delivered at the same time as normal mail?

Least that's how it was on my deployment in the 90's; can't imagine much has changed...
Obviously all this was decided before Obama went to Iraq and was "wildly cheered by the truths." At least as told by the MSM, AKA DNC propaganda wing.

Wouldn't it be nice if the ignorant masses ever noticed that the Democrats don't believe their own propaganda?

Crap, meant "troops" not "truths"
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