Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More hilarity on the Army Emergency Relief Fund hit job 
The libtard assault on the Army Emergency Relief Fund continues.

Today, we have Jeff Donn of the Associated Press leading his story headlined "Veterans Advocates Riled by Report on Army Charity" with an interview with a spokesperson from a veterans organization critical of the AERF.

Who does he lead with? The American Legion?


Veterans of Foreign Wars?


Soldiers' Angels?


He leads with a spokesperson from some outfit called Veterans United For Truth.

No, I've never heard of them either.

Here's their Web site.

Flipping through the pages very quickly, here's what I learned about them:

o they are a non-partisan 501(c)3 organization.

o as a non-partisan organization, they naturally call for criminal charges to be filed against George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzalez, and a host of others.

o they don't believe we are at war with terrorists.

o They believe the deployment of National Guard troops to Iraq is illegal.

o Michael Dukakis is on their board of advisors.

o Their newsletter includes exerpts from AlterNet and TruthOut.org.

God knows how these jokers ended up in an AP reporters' rolodex. As a reporter, though, I tried to keep people in my tickler file from all across the political spectrum, and talk to a number of people from all points of view while writing my stories.

So who else does the AP interview on this story? How about Amy Fairweather, a San Francisco attorney, Mills College alma mater and chair of the Iraq Veteran Project. And where is the Iraq Veteran Project headquartered? San Francisco! (So far, California scores 2 for 2!)

And what can we learn about the Iraqi Veteran Project on its Web site?

The Iraqi Veteran Project grew out of Swords into Ploughshares, a veterans advocacy program that started in San Francisco in 1974. It provides veterans seeking to sue the VA for benefits with legal counsel (the law prevents veterans from suing directly, but these guys, apparently, sue on their behalf.

At least these guys appear to have actually done some good for veterans (though their claim that on any given night there are 200,000 to 400,000 homeless veterans on our streets seems high to me.)

They've also helped to out a fraudulent military charity. Nancy Pelosi serves on the advisory board.

But the chairman of Swords into Ploughshares is a guy named Paul Cox. Paul appears prominently with an organization called Courage to Resist. Their motto: "Support the Troops who Refuse to Fight!" According to their Web site, they have lately been conducting "training" of members of Veterans Against the War who are currently serving on active duty - activities which include teaching servicepeople the ramifications of going AWOL, refusing orders, desertion, etc.

Sedition, apparently, is a virtue among these fucks. (Why would Nancy Pelosi willingly consort with a known pro-sedition organization, anyway?)

The third organization the AP talked to is Veterans for Common Sense, out of Washington, D.C. The head of the organization is Paul Sullivan. As far as I can tell, Sullivan's outfit is the only legit organization out of the three AER Fund critics interviewed for the piece. Sullivan at least has some street cred, having testified before Congress on veterans affairs without going completely off his rocker.

But Sullivan is also strongly supporting a lawsuit seeking to prevent military chaplains from using Christianity and religiousity as tools in combatting military suicide. (Although I think he has a point, given the Establishment clause and the particulars of the cases cited, one wonders just what a chaplain is supposed to use? The latest Melanie Beattie book?)

Indeed, although Sullivan is careful to protect his reputation as something other than a screaming libtard, a look through the site's news archive and press releases reveals a consistent pattern of highlighting news and views from a reliable libtard perspective. Veterans for Common Sense highlights the wonderful awesomeness of the Obama transition team, the vile pro-torture policies of the Bush administration, the need for a "Truth Commission" to investigate the Bush administration, and the usual litany of libtard complaints.

Three for three.

Associated Press, you just got led around by the nose by the left.

As usual.


Splash, out


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200,000 to 400,000 is like the number of homeless people in the entire country.
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