Saturday, February 28, 2009

Michelle Obama has amazingly toned arms... 
says the fawning press.

I guess it comes from the Klingon side of the family.

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Lol... as if I cared! Why waste time writing about something like that, especially when more important issues surround us, i.e.:

The stimulus bill, people dying around the world, and don't forget our great country going to hell in a hand basket, among other things. The last thing I want to know about is how toned her arms are, or anyone else's... people please, spare me!

I just cannot wait for the next four (hopefully not eight) years are up... but sadly, it be longer before any of the members of the press will ever change, if ever. With journalist like them around, the best thing to read, other than the few bloggers like Jason that are around, is a novel!
Well journalism as we know it is probably dying.

I agree that we've pulled away from more important news in the media, to accommodate the masses which prefer to know what the latest fashions are. However, that's what Deco Drive (here in Miami,) is for! We have somehow allowed Journalist to get away from the news we want, and let them slink to the gossip that's not really important.

I fear we will hear more about Mrs. President's fashion sense, than his stimulus package's result on our economy in the long run. Truth be told I'd rather hear more of the later, not just because it's real news, but also because when it comes down to it, Mrs. Obama's fashion sense is really a fashion don't! http://asl23.livejournal.com/4181.html
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