Monday, December 01, 2008

RIP Tanta 
Traveling tonight (leaving my beloved home state of Hawai'i nei) and heading back to Florida, but I just noticed, via Justin Fox, that the wonderful Doris Dungey, Tanta, of Calculated risk, has passed away, at the age of 47.

If you enjoy watching the mortgage trainwreck from afar, or even if you're a participant, her collection of Ubernerd posts is good reading.

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So, did you catch any ki ho`alu while there? HAPA is appearing here at Wolf Trap in February.
No, but I did some, on a nice Martin D-28.

There was a pretty good slack key player playing at a wine bar in Kailua one night, but I couldn't hang around long.

I did listen to a nice album by Jeff Peterson, of Maui, whom you should check out...and I found a copy of Olomana's "And So We Are..." which I had been unable to find out here. I wanted to hear "Kanaka Wai Wai," and perhaps perform it out here with someone, along with an English translation to the lyrics, which tell the story of Jesus and the rich man.

I did catch an amazing solo ukulele performance by Gordon Mark on TV one night...the man is a true master of his art...essentially a chord melody variant.

Just wow. Pure music.

I also did three gigs while over there...two pub gigs at Kelly O'Neill's in Waikiki, and a house concert at Ward's Rafters in Kaimuki, with a band called Celtic Waves. Good fun.

I was hoping to catch up with Lisa Gomes, Leslie Kline and Paul Sato out there, but couldn't work out the scheduling.

Also tried to catch an old friend and wonderful slack key player named Harry Koizumi ("Uncle Harry") but missed him at work.

For what it's worth, here's a ukulele lesson from Gordon Mark:


Don't miss his treatment of a Tchaikovsky melody during the lesson!
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