Monday, September 01, 2008

This just in .... 
TalkLeft just discovered that people who attend Christian churches are actually Christians.

Who knew?

Please, lefttards....PLEEEEEAAAAAASE make an issue out of Palin's pastor. The contrast between her pastor (if you go to the Harper's link, there is nothing they've dug up that is at variance with or outside of the conservative Christian or evangelical mainstream. The contrast could not be more damning to Obama/Wright.

These people are so stupid they'll shoot themselves in the foot out of spite, to get vengeance on conservatives for digging up Reverend Wright's vile sermons. Which is doubly stupid, because Jeralyn is not stupid.

ADDED: And in the comments:

What I find is interesting is how I feel as a Christian who happens to be a Democrat reading some of the comments re Palin.
It is astonishing to me how much my Liberal and Democratic Progressive friends are starting to sound like the Republicans I have known all my life here in East TN.

I consider myself a Progressive Christian because I do not believe that my beliefs are the only viable beliefs, but I would be considered to be a creationist.

Suddenly, I find that among many "progressives" I am considered backward, stupid and laughable.

I thought we were the party of tolerance? It seems that many of us have about as much tolerance as those we proclaim to challenge.

Well, the Democratic Party has soiled itself. It's now the party of religious bigotry. (Unless you go to an Amerikkka-hating church. Then it's ok, and you get nominated for president.)

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Oh nooo...
The left found out that Christians preach Christianity. We are doomed.

Gosh darn Amerikkka.

We can't hide anything from those people.

Sorry for the typo, it's hard to type while being bitter, and clinging to my Bible and guns at the same time.
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