Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ok, let's fuck with Ac.e of Spad's 
Ok, gang, let's have some fun.

Ac.e is having some fun at his place by ridiculing ridiculous searches on Sarah Palin that find their way to his blog.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to visit his blog via a Google search on something absurd, strange or vile, in connection to Palin, bikinis, thongs, homoerotic pillow fights, the word "moron," Smurfettes, Allison Stokke, swimsuits, bangs, porn, "I'd tap that," "I'd hit that," "bad librarian," dominatrix, shaved yetis, dirty, filthy skandies or some novel combination of the above, or any other common theme on his blog.

The idea is to flood his site with searches by the hundreds on ridiculous things that he and his moron minions can't blame on me. (That's why I'm not linking directly and that's why I'm not spelling his name out in this post.)

It's not enough just to search...you actually have to CLICK on his site from the google link.

Are you ready?


Splash, out


(P.S., Post in the comments what you come up with.)

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Slow news day?
You can also referer spoof - install refspoof and copy the search url into the spoof box, then visit the site. The bonus of this is the site doesn't even have to be in the search results *evil grin*
John! You're an evil genius!

(Teach me! Teach me to be like you!)
Your link to Google is gaggled. It's "http://iraqnow.blogspot.com/2008/08/www.google.com" instead of either www.google.com or whatever specific site you wanted.
search for:

"Palin kills hobos with valu-rite vodka"

AoS was first hit, of course.

Oops, blue on blue:

"Palin homoerotic pillow fights on a moose"

returned CounterColumn.
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