Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Democrat says McCain "shouldn't use military service" in politics. 
That's right...a member of the Party of "John Kerry Reporting For Duty," a member of the party of PT 109, and a member of the party headed by the guy who said the quote I've been using at the top of this page, says John McCain shouldn't mention his military service.

Apparently, the Democrats would prefer running two people against one another who have zeros for biographies.

I should further note that this particular Democrat made it a point to wear his own son's combat boots during his campaign.

And just take a look at this knucklehead's autobiographical web page on his own PAC site, Born Fighting.

The relevant passages that most clearly illuminate Webb's breathtaking hypocrisy here are too lengthy to quote. You just have to see it to believe it.

Nope. No mention of his military service there, huh?

These people are shameless. Utterly shameless.

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UPDATE: Sweetness and Light has a campaign commercial Webb ran just two years ago, and lots more on this theme.

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