Monday, June 30, 2008

Wes Clark, Then and Now 
Wes Clark, fall of 2006:

I live by a simple rule. If you wore the uniform, if you served your nation with honor, and especially if you fought and were wounded in battle, then you have earned the right to be treated with respect.

Stop the Swift Boating -- contribute to Patrick, Leonard, Eric, and Charlie today!

That's why I am so outraged that the Republican party has systematically attacked the wartime service and patriotism of veterans who are running for office as Democrats. It is despicable -- the sign of a party more concerned about hanging onto power by any means possible than with giving veterans the respect they have earned.

Just sayin' y'all.

Splash, out


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OK, so Wes thinks McCaine was just riding in a jet when he was shot down...so I guess he thinks that in the 40's a bunch of Marines were walking around Pacific islands, Patton and the 3rd Army were driving tanks around Europe and the Merchant Marines were just taking cruises back and forth across the Atlantic?
I don't agree with you Jason, at least as it pertains to the Swifties. President Bush downplayed his military service, humbly I think. Kerry made it a major factor in his campaign and for his qualification. Worse, Kerry used his service to legitimize illegitimate claims back in the day to the detriment of a lot of people.
Ummm, the indented portion is Clark's words, not mine.
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