Friday, May 30, 2008

So the Dems are in a tizzy because McCain used a pic of Petraeus in his ad: 
Gateway Pundit, in turn, takes a look at historic liberal and Democratic uses of pics of Petraeus and other images of soldiers.

At least when Republicans do it, we get images of soldiers from the right freaking country!

P.S., if you didn't catch it, the soldier in the pic is Canadian, not American.

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Now wait just a second - maybe they *did* get a soldier from the right country. After all, how many Dems swore they were leaving for Canada if GW won? Susan Sarandon just renewed the promise for John McCain's victory.
Well at least that way they might talk to soldiers in the same language. French. OH

Actually that is pretty egregious. Remembrance Day was half a year ago, for fuck's sake. As if the twits at the DP couldn't get a recent photo?
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