Friday, May 16, 2008

Did Michelle Obama "rail against whitey" from the pulpit?" 

I'll believe it when I see it. I've got to give her the benefit of the doubt until then.

I just wish I were a fly on the wall at the Hillary campaign headquarters - they have GOT to assume that the tape is out there, and have got to be pulling every stop, calling every chit, twisting every arm, and stepping on every neck in order to get their hands on it.

Unless... it's a flat-out lie from the Hillary campaign. And given that the Clintonistas and the other pathological liars on their own staff (read: the Clinton cabinet) were perfectly willing to throw Monica Lewinsky under the bus as a delusional stalker in order to suit their own purposes, I have to take that possibility into account as well.

What's that? I can't hold the Clinton staff responsible when Clinton himself was lying to them? Well, maybe. But then again, when the truth came out, how many of them turned in their resignations? Shalala? Reno? Anyone? Bueller?

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Perhaps the Obama people put it out for sympathy votes. Wait and see.
The point for me is plausibility. Strikes me as something she would say. It also suggests that her husband has limited control over her as she would have been speaking to an audience.

I find the Obama's a pretty dispiriting pair, although he, like Bill Clinton, seems a pretty swell guy personally. I mean, if we were having a few drinks, smoking cigs and hitting on stray stuff.

The country has forgotten that its a pretty good place to live and that that was achieved by hard work and forethought.
I don't think it's fair to call the entire Clinton cabinet pathological liars because of the Lewinsky scandal. If you'll recall, from all accounts, Bill denied the affair and the truth even to Hillary until the night before he admitted the truth to the world. It's not really lying - let alone pathologically lying - to repeat something that you were told by someone you trust.

I doubt Michelle Obama did this... but I doubt more that it's the Clintons starting this rumor. I think it's probably McCain's camp trying to get a jump on the general. Get people to distrust Obama before he has a chance to gain their trust and what better way to do that than to suggest his wife hates white people? It's not something that directly goes to him and his character and it plays off her "I'm proud of America for the first time in my life" comments, making it sound believable to people who don't understand - or are purposefully ignoring - the context and intention of her earlier comment.
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