Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Bold-Faced Lie from Obama 
Obama claimed his uncle was with the American brigade that liberated Auschwitz.


Auschwitz was in Poland. It was liberated by Russian troops, not by Americans.

Splash, out


UPDATE: Obama's campaign is now saying it wasn't his uncle, but his great uncle. And it wasn't Auschwitz, but Buchenwald.

Buchenwald was a Hell on earth. But how ill-informed do you have to be to confuse Buchenwald with the Big A?

Apparently this seminal event in Obama's family history was just never interesting enough to Obama to learn about in any detail.

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Maybe it was just a mistake and his uncle was actually in the Russian brigade that liberated Auschwitz.
Was the Russian Black or White?

Just sayin'.
As has been pointed out elsewhere, Obama was probably talking about his great-uncle Ralph Dunham, who seems to have been inducted into the Army, although nothing else is coming up online in regards to his service other than a stray reference to his service number being shared with another Kansas inductee.

Of course, the Kansas induction records also show that Obama's grandfather was inducted six months after Pearl Harbor, not the next day, but that's the sort of nostalgic gloss which tends to get applied to family WWII stories, the same sort that turned my own great-uncle Lucky into a "paratrooper" in family lore, which doesn't really agree with the battalion number listed on his gravestone...
Oh, ok.

So just which brigade of the Soviet Army did Mr. Durham serve in?
What I've heard since I got home this afternoon, he's now saying it was his great-uncle, and that it was Buchenwald, not Auschwitz... That should be easy enough to verify, don't you think?
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