Monday, September 03, 2007

"Modern-Day Caligula" vs. "Surrender Monkeys" 
I'm involved in an amusing exchange over in the comments to this post at Balloon-Juice.

Scroll down a bit.

My favorite bit:

And what do you know about being a warrior, Van Steenwyk? Your service in the Army certainly didn’t teach you much about it, apparently.

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I find it amazing that they immediately jump to the conclusion that Bush and Rove wrote up those bios. Shame that the politicians get outed on how they vote on the issues and what their stance is.

The whole bit about how great the overseas reporting is vs how bad ours is I find interesting. Seems to me that most of the reporting is almost the same.

I am still irritated at what I see in the various newspapers about Iraq. It is either x number of military killed or this group of soldiers went wild or torture or murder by the Americans. If they have anything good to say it is in the headlines and then repeated in paragraph 15 after 14 paragraphs about how Bush lied to get us into war and our troops are killing innocent civilians and the prisoners at Gitmo should all be released since they have all been tortured. The other option is stories of how this little old lady has lost her home to the evil American troops. Of course this is the 7th home she has lost in the past 2 weeks, all of which have been in her family for generations and all of which were where she raised her 15 kids, all this also with photos.

And these are the people we are supposed to vote into office next year? I sincerely hope not.
I can't believe that you still read Balloon Juice. Why do you waste your time with it?
Eh. I followed a link. I fully expected to watch an intellectual train wreck over there. And I got what I expected.
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