Saturday, January 13, 2007

The logic of the offensive, II 
Despite the rocket attack flareup last fall, the Israelis have been effective at putting the kibosh on unconventional terror methods.

The damage done to West Bank terrorist groups has been so extensive that most of the remaining cells spend a disproportionate amount of their time avoiding the attention of the Israeli police. Because of this, more terrorists from Gaza are showing up, as well as aid from Hizbollah in Lebanon. The Gaza terrorists can leave via Egypt, and enter the West Bank via Jordan. Hizbollah operatives also use the Jordan route. Border security with Jordan is tight, but not perfect. Attempts to smuggle weapons and cash are often foiled, but a lot of this stuff does get through.

However, the basic Israeli tactic, of detecting, and going after, the terrorist cells that recruit, train, equip and guide (into Israel) the suicide bombers, has proved highly effective. It takes quite a bit of organization and skill to get a suicide bomber into Israel, and if you keep the terrorist groups in disarray, and constantly watching their backs, fewer bombs go off inside Israel.

Go after them, and kill them, and you save lives on your side.

It's not a matter of troop strength, so much as it is a matter of quiet nurturing of intelligence sources, patience, ruthlessness, and speed in execution.

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