Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The failure of the Iraq press corps 
Michael Fumento has a must-read essay (in which I was delighted to find that I make an unexpected cameo appearance).

Splash, out


P.S., see the original Open Letter to the Baghdad Press Corps here.

What we need Fomento to do now is write installment two on the stateside editors who butcher the reporting of the few embeds who actually try to do their jobs. You can't talk to a Battalion or Brigade commander coming out of Iraq that hasn't seen an article by-lined to an embed that was wildly inaccurate. Those who confront the embeds on the inaccurate reports are usually told the chop-job done in the editor's office is responsible. Some will even share the original, accurate report for the commanders to compare & contrast.
LTC D, if you can get these commanders to send their compare-and-contrasts to me, I will contact reporters and editors and publish excerpts (within fair use rules).

I will also forward them to competing papers.
It's the reporters, I knew it, it's the reporters.
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