Saturday, February 26, 2005

Never stop killing terrorists. 
Never, ever, ever, ever stop killing terrorists.

Israeli security officials also said they may resume assassinations of the leaders of the militant Islamic Jihad group, which claimed responsibility Saturday for the bombing. The officials said on condition of anonymity that the recent cease-fire forged with the Palestinians no longer applies to Islamic Jihad, which has links to Syria.

A resumption of Israel's targeted killings of wanted militants, which Israel recently agreed to halt, would likely mean the end of the cease-fire declared by the Israeli and Palestinian leaders at a Feb. 8 summit in Egypt.

Terrorists will never honor an agreement. If they were honorable men to begin with, they wouldn't be terrorists in the first place.

The minute you stop going after them with everything you've got, you cede the tactical and strategic offensive to them.

The minute they can begin using their cell phones secure in the knowledge that the transmission won't attract a Hellfire missile from the horizon, they will begin using them to organize meetings, transfer funds, contact their operatives, and strike.

If the Palestinian Authorities will not arrest the militant extremists, the Israelis should reserve the right to vaporize them themselves.
Con mucho gusto.

Splash out,


UPDATE: More on the strategic offensive here.

Two names for your consideration:

Gerry Adams
Nelson Mandela

Though it pains me to put that dick Adams in the same post as Mandela.
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