Thursday, October 13, 2011

Occupy Portland Protesters Deface War Memorial 
This memorial is in or adjacent to Occupy Portland camp site. The names are those of Oregon soldiers who were killed in the service of their country in the First World War. Here is what the protesters of Occupy Portland did.

The photo was taken on the morning of the 13th of October.

Don't you dare question their patriotism!

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This is not a comment on this particular article. I'm just wondering, given your complaints in the past about how the mainstream media doesn't hire reporters with military experience, whether you've noticed the NY Times's having C. J. Chivers on their staff:


This is how classless the OWS folks are. What does doing things like this have to do with any "movement". These people need to shut up and go to work. If they don't like it here go to Europe and hang out with the freaks there. They are the under-belley of our society.
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