Sunday, October 11, 2009

An Inconvenient Question 
When Al Gore is pressed on a point, he has his henchmen cut off the microphone.

And the rest of the press corps does nothing.

I would not have been so polite with the organizer in the hall. Scratch a liberal, you'll find a fascist.

The fact is that the British court ruled that it would be illegal to show the film in schools in the UK without additional guidance for students correcting the nine listed errors in the film. I would have to imagine that's unprecedented, and hardly "in favor" of the film's producers. Even if they agree with the overall thesis, you cannot pull out nine egregious factual errors from any documentary, call the presentation "one-sided," issue a ruling that it would be illegal to show the film without correcting these errors, and call that a 'ruling "in favor of" the movie.

Splash, out


Hey, Jay Rosen... I got your 'rollback' strategy right here!

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Sorry if this is nit-picking, but you had a misspelling. It should be "press corpse," not "press corps." I know how gracious you are though and am certain you will take this criticism to heart and never make the mistake of thinking the mainstream media is actually a livin, breathing, thinking organism.
Mark L.
Lawrence, KS
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