Saturday, August 08, 2009

There seems to be a mini insurrection at the SEIU's website, as a number of member workers write in objecting to the bald-faced lie being progated by the union leadership that it was a union member and reverend from a local church who was attacked.

As a former member of SEIU, I am embarrassed and ashamed to see events like this. Clearly, it was people in SEIU T-shirts who attacked this man, who was doing nothing more than exercising his 1st amendment rights. Having participated in SEIU events, I was aware of the practice of 'importing' professional protesters, to give the union an appearance of strength. I never agreed with those tactics, and I certainly disagree with the methods employed by SEIU at the St. Louis County Town Hall Meeting.

Someday, maybe Americans will wake up and realize how you guys prey on honest, hard working people in order for you to profit personally from their efforts. I hope so. I did and am, therefore, a 'former' member. I'll most certainly never again be a 'member', and never want to be associated with any organization so intent on suppressing the constitutional rights of individuals, for the good of the Union bigwigs.

SEIU members should settle for nothing less than the removal of union leadership. It's the only way for this corrupt body to get its honor back at this point.

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