Sunday, August 09, 2009

Obama Administration Mulls Declaring War on Own Intelligence Agents 
If you're considering the CIA as a career, I'd stop considering it for a while - at least until this wrecking ball of an administration is turned out of office.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has a reliable ally in this Administration. The guys we asked to get information out of him to save thousands of other lives? Better get a good lawyer.

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Even after the explanations of the waterboarding methodology the LA Times still blows it totally out of proportion. The sooner the current media dies, the better. Are there any adults functioning as reporters who have some idea about what goes on in the world and how to interpret it correctly?
I should add that I have no problem with the murder investigations. I've written elsewhere on this blog that any time a prisoner A.) ends up dead with B.) no obvious natural medical proximate cause, C.) no battle wounds that would contribute to a death, that there should be an investigation into what may have caused the death. If investigators then find evidence of abuse, then there should be a criminal inquiry conducted.

This is a far cry from the good faith efforts of those assigned to interrogate Ramzi Benalshibh and Khalid Sheikh Mohammaed, though.
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