Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Camille Paglia addresses the most pressing issue of our time 
Do straight women make the best lesbian porn?

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Well, I can see where they are coming from in the comment, after playing guitar in an otherwise all girl/lesbian band for about a year, there isn't much sexy about "real" lesbians.

But honestly, really, is this the most important thing people can be talking about in today's world?

I have concluded we really have the culture, the government, the leaders, the friends and the entertainment that we want. We could careless about anything as a society. Give me wall to wall MJ coverage, drama about celebrities, and useless comments about which is better...straight girl on girl porn or dyke and fluff lesbian porn.

Let's not spend our time debating Universal Health Care and the continued encroachment of Progressivism versus the Free Market and classic Liberalism...lets talk about things that have no real bearing on our lives, our responsibilities, and our future.

No...porn and drama is all that is really important.

Sad really.

ROE: Interesting
Yglesias: Interesting
Fiddle blogging: not my cup of tea, so I skipped it.
Homeless Vets: Interesting
Paglia on lesbian porn: Probably funny, I'll follow the link when I'm not at work.

Notice how I didn't feel the need to crap all over the comments of the recent post I didn't care about? I just... didn't read it.

There are thousands of blogs out there that discuss things I don't think are worthy of comment, I just don't read them.

I think Jason does enough on the serious issues of the day. If he doesn't for you, maybe you should just move along.
I read this blog regularly, but I don't comment much.

That said, I have to laugh that a post that actually generates comment is about lesbians.

Howard Stern was right.
I've been considering doing some more girl-on-girl action on this blog, lately. There's not enough of it on the war blogs.
This comment has been removed by the author.
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