Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bad Press 
This one with a South Florida connection: A Navy commander has filed a complaint with the Miami Herald over reporter Carol Rosenberg's offensive and degrading behavior and questioning.

Full complaint here.

I don't know if he would have much standing, since they don't have the same employers. And I don't like the precedent of government officials suing newspapers for allowing their reporters to create a hostile work environment. Still, if she is interfering with the AP photographer's work, and publicly inferring that the Navy officer is gay - knowing that if the reputation stuck, he would lose his career, Rosenberg comes extremely close to committing a couple of torts.

If these reports are true - and there are apparently lots of witnesses, Rosenberg is sullying the Miami Herald brand. Her reporting is not to be trusted. She seems to have come unglued. She should be fired. It's not like there aren't good, underemployed journalists out there to replace her with.

Way to cultivate your sources, moron!

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One quick comment about what it takes to get thrown out of the Navy for homosexuality. I was a commissioned officer in the Navy from 1997-2002, and attended a brief on DADT given by a JAG in 2001. He told us there were 2 ways to get thrown out of the Navy under DADT: (1) verbally stating you were gay; and (2) being caught in a homosexual act. Thus, a reputation for being gay wouldn't be enough to get you booted. I only comment because I'm interested to hear how other services implement DADT.
I'm not a lawyer, but from what I remember of the last few sensitivity classes I had to take in the corporate world I think you're wrong about standing. I took the classes with our almost entirely female customer service department, and one point that was emphasized was that if any client they had to deal with on the phone was behaving inappropriately, the company could be held liable.

It's not analagous to this - in this example that would mean that the officer in question would have to sue the Navy for allowing the hostile environment to continue - but it's also not true that both parties have to work for the same employer.
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