Monday, June 15, 2009

That Was Then, This is Now 
When a liberal criticizes the Bush administration, 'dissent is the highest form of patriotism.'

When a conservative criticizes the Obama administration, the CIA chief calls it "dangerous politics."

Splash, out


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And the blood of Poland and Pearl Harbor is on the hands, not of the Nazis and Japanese, but of Churchill and Billy Mitchell. Just wanted to carry out Mr. Panetta illogic to its logical conclusion.
Lawrence, KS
You know, we have a long tradition of CIA heads not behaving like pathetic political hacks. Even when the president appoints a politician, the CIA head has historically ceased to be a political hack and became an intelligence professional and stayed above of partisan bickering.

Boy, the Obama Administration sure put paid to that notion in a hurry!
This one really has me irked. When a conservative and/or republican criticizes the policy position of any libtard on any security matter, he is accused of questioning the patriotism of said libtard. When same libtard makes an actual attack on the patriotism of a conservative or republican, not only will every other libtard accept it, but they will abuse every possible semantic, logical, or common sense notion in order to justify it.

And the media accepts it all unquestioningly.

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