Sunday, June 21, 2009


Neda. Shot by Iranian goons. Tehran, June 20th, 2009.

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Are you suggesting she would have fared any better under "reformist" rule, the vanguard of the 79 revolution?

This is a dispute about shades of green, not a fight about liberty, freedom, or free speech.

You would have us trapped in their puppet show, you would give these people legitimacy, and destroy any chance of real reform.
madtom, you are missing the point; this has moved beyond "shades of green". This is now about the mullahs "going back to the mosque".
Khameini, and Achmedi Nejad, are in serious $4!# - the old guard are now riding the tiger.

This is not about what we want for ourselves or for Iran - Liberty, freedom, and free speech as you put it - this is about the will of the people of Iran.

This has become about self-determination, and that is a cornerstone of our foundation. When delineating a few of the undeniable and inalienable rights of ALL people, the Declaration of Independence says that all power comes from consent of the governed, and that when replacing a government that is should be ordered in the forms and manner as to effect the future safety and happiness of the governed.

That inalienable human right is for what she died.
the old guard are now riding the tiger

And they best not let go, or the tiger will have them for lunch.

One wonders: will the be stoned, shot or hung?
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