Saturday, June 06, 2009

fiddle blogging 
Niamh Ni Charra... showin' us how 6/8 time is done, before going into a couple of reels.

Notice that jig time isn't straight... it's thoroughly syncopated. She syncopates a bit more than most players, to give the tune a bit of a Scottish feel.

Lots of players play an evenly-divided three notes to the beat on these jigs. Down-da-da Down da da. Classically-trained players are the worst offenders. (Hint: Gigue = Jig, dumbasses! It's a DANCE!)

It's not Down-da-da, dumbass, unless you're playing chuck berry licks too fast. Even Chuck didn't do that. It's Down-ta-dah Down-ta-dah.


Splash, out


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Very nice. Made a great morning better.
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