Monday, June 22, 2009

The Deal 
Cedarford, a racist, bigoted, Jew-hating jerk who comments on Althouse, nails the recent escape of a NYT reporter from Taliban captivity:

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall during the NYTimes hostage negotiation for their reporter.

"Look, we gave you info on the Afghan Predator program, America tapping into SPRINT to find Islamoid financiers. We regularly give page 1 to any "wedding party atrocity" you alledge. We helped kill hundreds of American soldiers by working hard to inflame Muslims with endless stories of Abu Ghraib, GITMO torture, Haditha, Koran desecration..Details on jammer devices the military was trying against IEDs. Endless advocacy of terrorist's precious rights and civil liberties."

"Frankly, you Taliban and Al Qaeda owe us! Release our guy!"

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Another outrage at the hands of the New York Times. These same assholes who will print anything on their front page that can harm this country's security, it's citizens, or certainly it's soldiers, decided to not only withhold important information about an important story, but to urge other media outlets to suppress it as well.

Remaining mum on matters of grave national security is anathema to them, except when the possible victim is one of their own. Fucking hypocrites. (pardon the language but this has me REALLY torqued off).

P.S. Has anyone asked they NYTwits if they are hiding the capture of any other reporters from us?

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