Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fear and Loathing 
David Harsanyi poses the question: Is it always wrong to make decisions based on fear?

In a speech defending his detainee plan this week, President Barack Obama brandished his now-famous Spock-like wisdom by claiming that "Our government made decisions based upon fear rather than foresight" after 9/11.

Whether you agree with the president's account of the nation's post- 9/11 policy, you might still ask yourself two questions:

First off, is it always wrong to make decisions based on fear?

Clearly not. If the enemy is capable of putting a hurting on you, you are an idiot if you don't.

But Harsanyi cedes far too much in the debate. We were at war with Al Qaeda, and still are. If not everyone knew it before 9/11, everyone on the planet (except for libtards, it seems) knew we were at war after 9/11.

In a war, it is good policy to maximize the ENEMY'S fear... by consistently adopting the courses of action they fear most, or courses of action even more damaging to their cause. It seems to me that this was, indeed, our policy under the Bush Administration, post 9/11.

Incidentally, the more Obama opens his mouth, the more I intensely dislike him. His constant criticism of his predecessor at every turn, on matters both warranted and unwarranted, strikes me as utterly cheap, petty, juvenile and unprofessional.

I think it stinks in units, it stinks in business, and it stinks even more coming from the White House.

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