Monday, April 13, 2009

The poor darlings 
Choice selections from the comments over at Yglesias's second home at Think Progress:

Thank goodness he’s safe. Now, what is going on in Somalia to make people so desperate that they resort to piracy…?

Yea! One US citizen is alive! How many people died of starvation today? Do they merit as much attention?

The Bush gangster regime hired the Ethiopian government to invade Somalia and to try and destroy the Islamic Court Union back in 1996.

How sad this all is. If something good can come from this incident, perhaps it will be that the world will pay more attention to the plight of the Somali’s and do something to fix it.

what a pathetic display…..the great american military finally found an “army” they could defeat. and the KKKristians? well they were able to complete the trifecta for their death cult as well as show the world how they are the experts in Jebus’ love and tolerance.

Why is it such a big deal when big countries push over smaller, weaker countries?

Fun crew you got there, Matt.

Via Neptunus Lex

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Man. There's some real sass going on in here. Were things not so hectic this'd be more fun than when I played Pillage the Village Voice.

(Presumably that's the Islamic Court Union's second favourite gay newspaper)
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