Sunday, April 12, 2009

Opie Disses America and Apple Pie 
Opie Cunningham, AKA Ron Howard, who's been making sappy movies for years," wants the U.S. to give up the struggle for freedom and liberty.

“at a certain point I don't think we'll be so consumed with being the pre-eminent super-power and, you know, driven by sort of militarism and this need to export, you know, democracy.”

Used to be Democrats were Americans.

Here's my response:

And here:

In other words, go fuck yourself, Opie. How dare you, after all this country and its freedoms has given you?

On the other hand, I thought parts of this were actually funny.

David Bellavia, however, was right to call Maher on it.

Splash, out


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Opie's been so busy making money on German tax shelters that he's probably confused about what country he owes his living. The key here is "European". Only Germans say they are "European", because most other actual Europeans can proudly say "I'm French" or "I'm Dutch!" without being suspected of crypto-Fascism.
Except you can't make money on German tax shelters... at least, not in the sense of avoiding US income tax. Since 1986, I think, you have to declare all foreign income from whatever source derived on your income tax form.

There is some exception made for AMT taxpayers, in that you can deduct foreign income taxes paid (but not state taxes) but that doesn't provide you with any net benefit.
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