Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Hurt Locker 
Looks like a good movie coming out depicting EOD folks in Iraq.

I got a kick out of the actors describing how hard it was in 20 pounds of gear in 115 degree heat every day. And how almost everyone had a nervous breakdown during the filming.

And it wasn't even real.

Hollywood doesn't attract people like Jimmy Stewart anymore, I guess.

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Yeah, at least there was a catering truck, a massuese, and a misting tent at the end of a hard day on patrol, just like the real thing.

There was a time when actors portraying Soldiers had actually been Soldiers.

"Nervous breakdowns" geez, these guys better call their personal trainers, workouts are good for stress relief.

I hope this movie turns out to be better than most of Hollywood's crap regarding this conflict.
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