Thursday, April 09, 2009

Debbie Schlussel thinks a death threat is "protected free speech." 
Sorry, Debbie.

Muslim children have a right to attend school with being threatened with murder. That includes girls who wear hijab.

And death threats are not "protected free speech." They are fighting words by definition.

The real question is this: Why did the school district not take it to a jury?

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>> take it to a jury?

-Probably because they'd spent enough time and money on the mess? (4 years in court)

-But Jason, don't you find this suspicious?:

"..teen was unable to give any description of her tormenter — including his or her gender, size and tone of voice"

And: "Cox .. never complained to school officials before getting involved in the lawsuit."

If that all were true, then the school district SHOULD have defended themselves in court.

And "Lawyers for the girls praised them for their bravery in bringing the suit" - but they were not brave enought to NAME their tormenters?
All valid points, maybe. But if your assertions are true, then no speech, either free or otherwise, and no threats took place.

The "protected free speech" argument is a loser either way. It was that stupid argument I was attacking.

I have no opinion on whether those girls were fabricating the incident. The school district apparently didn't feel that strongly about it either.

Do you mean "withOUT being threatened"?

You're right, but our legal system is still pretty screwed up.
Granted this story lacks a lot of detail on the particulars of the case, but it's curious that Schlussel gets so lathered up over some Adam Sandler clown shoe like "You Don't Mess With The Zohan" but dismisses this out of hand.
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