Saturday, April 11, 2009

Administration Bringing Big Guns to Bear against Pirates 
We're finally getting serious with these pirates: The FBI is now investigating some of these guys, raising the spectre of possibly filing federal charges against the Marsk hijackers if any of them are taken alive.

Indeed, speaking in the hypothetical, of course, the Attorney General is now saying that if an American were harmed I'm sure they're quaking in their sandals.

Meanwhile, the FBI is treating the ship as a 'crime scene.'

Good idea. Taka a multi-million dollar ship and its cargo out of circulation for weeks while we wait for federal bureaucrats to complete their investigation.

The Obama Administration: Tough. Strong. Bold.

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I can't be alone in seeing a multi-million dollar AEGIS destroyer that could sink the entire Barbary navy held at bay by four pirates with rifles in a lifeboat with no fuel as a metaphor for the Administration's foreign policy.
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