Wednesday, March 04, 2009

So my tax dollars are going to Citibank 
so that Citibank can subsidize mortgage holders who are recently out of work and 60 days late on their payment.

I did the responsible thing and did NOT buy a place I couldn't really afford three years ago. Yet no one is lowering my rent.

Yo... whassup with that?

Splash, out


Didn't you get the memo? We get to do our patriotic duty and pay taxes so that people who bought houses they couldn't afford get reduced interest and principal reductions.

We get the warm glow of fulfilling our duties - and isn't that priceless?

For bonus points, the upcoming tax hikes will probably make buying a house unaffordable for me, so I get to keep on being a walking source of loot redistribution for Uncle Sugar. Yay!
Actually you rent might go up. We need the tax dollars to pay the deadbeats, and we will need to up the interest or points or something on future mortgages to pay for the reduction of principle, that will prevent foreclosures. That money has to come from somewhere, and if your not being foreclosed, you must have some to spare...
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