Thursday, March 05, 2009

More glurge from the Associated Press 
This time it's all about how Hugo-Bama is the most wonderfulest, bestest dad in the whole world.

From the article:

The Obamas paid for the swing set, which was made and installed by Rainbow Play Systems of Brookings, S.D. The company's Web site says it's the most trusted brand name in wooden swing sets.

Wow! If it's on the company's Web site, it MUST be true!

So in this day and age, this is the kind of story that warrants the time and effort of an AP reporter. This is the best they could come up with?

I think there needs to be a few more layoffs.

Splash, out


P.S., This pathetic licking of Obama's boots by the media calls for a new tag: Obama Glurge!

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Yep, this is right up there with all the hub-bub about how he's gotten more gray since taking office. Give me a break?!
It's Obamellatio.
Monkey Bars. He got his freaking kids Monkey Bars! Has he no shame?
Anonymous 10:36 for the win!
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