Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The definitive movie on the war in Iraq 
Turns out the terrorists really are pussies!

Via Ace.

I hope they get raped by tentacles.

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Well, tonight seems to be good for wandering around posting translations. Here's a quick and dirty translation I did of the trailer. There's one bit I just can't seem to get; every time I listen I hear something else. Anyway, enjoy!


(Opening story)

Private Military Corporations (Minkan Gunji Kaisha)

A new type of military organization.

Due to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the end of the Cold War the USA became the center of many nations who decreased military spending, and large numbers of a new breed of soldier were born.

With the end of the Cold War the strength of the great nations declined and around the world terrorist activity and civil war raged, there were a number of ethnic conflicts, and the need for those with special skills rose. Soldiers who had lost their places in the great armies answered that need and sold their combat skills.

That was the beginning of the private military corporations.


Botasky (Sniper): Wait! Packy, can we do this by ourselves?

Packy (w/ hat): If we don’t do it now, those two will be killed. We can coordinate by wireless. You shoot from here. I’ll flank them and go in close. Don’t worry; we can handle it.

[Packy flanks, Botasky acquires a target and fires]

Botasky: I killed him! This might work! (Trans. note: This is pretty iffy; I really have no idea what he actually said. Maybe: “That’s a lot of blood! You heard, right?” Or maybe something completely different.)

[scene change]

Packy: You just increase the risk, so it’s better not to come.

[after Packy takes out bad guys w/ the rocket launcher, the following words appear]

With such cute faces you’ll forgive them!
From what I've seen the original managa was set in Vietnam, (and they were actually US soldiers) but as is typical with these things, they change stuff when its brought to the screen.

Apparently the reason they made them rabbits is that the word for rabbit in Japanese is usagi. Get it? USA G.I. Typical of the word play one comes across in this stuff.

The 'Arabs' in the video are camels. (see the humps in their backs?) Makes no sense for the name, which refers back to the manga, where the Vietnamese for some reason, were cats.

The Japanese are so wierd.
Eric, no, the Japanese are so cool! Bunnies! Blowing terrorists to hell! Wicked cool.

I think Catshit 1 was the unit callsign in the original manga, so maybe they've kept it for the anime series.
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