Sunday, March 08, 2009

Compare and Contrast 
How Bush was received when he spoke to an audience of Marines vs. Obama.

H/T. Instapundit

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So what exactly does this prove? That Marines really are retarded?
No, but your comment proves that you are.
Our 'Commander and Chief' is the head of the military, as well as Leader of the Unite States of America, however Bush was a real leader... Obama is more of a bureaucrat. (You shouldn't be leader if you cannot rally the troops for your cause.)

Since his first appointment as President, no... way before that, since he started running- Obama has done nothing but belittle our troops. He's created an even larger gap between them and himself, to add to the already large gap that usually exists between the military and it's top leader. Bush tried to bridge that gap, just as did other great President's before him.

However, Obama is a complete fool to think that they really would approve of a man who believes our troops are victims of the way things are, instead of the proper thought that they are brave people trying to keep our forefathers' dreams of peace and freedom alive (for their families and ours.) Bush understood that... he could reach the troops on a level that Obama can't fathom. He spoke their language, for he was a far better President than most give him credit. At least he understood that those who join the military do so for the common people, so that we (civilians and their own families) can have a peaceful, free way of life.

In the far future... Obama will be ranked among the worst of leaders, because he alienated those he's supposed to lead. A great President will have the support of his troops as well as the common people... not one vs. the other. Fact is, our troops are commendable for following their elected leader, even when he's got his nose in the air toward them.

The branches of the military are filled with very intelligent people. They can sense a great leader... and it's quite honorable of them to treat Obama so friendly, when they may all be wishing that he was just another politician instead of the President. It's hard to work for a boss who doesn't like you, and it's easy to see how much the current US President dislikes our troops. I mean, come on, he actually snubbed the Nation's Heroes Ball... first President to do so since it was conceived!

Personally I cannot wait for his term to end... and pray that God helps him to turn away from his own prejudices, and get that light-ball turned on in his head, to help him make some better decisions! He needs to grow up and learn that he doesn't know as much as he thinks he does... and get that pompous-head of his out of his own arse.

Until then... I will toss and turn, and hope that things do not get as bad as I feel (know) they will under Obama's (lack of) leadership. I will also pray that we all can awake from this nightmare soon, before another country sees his weaknesses and exploits us, before he offends another ally and creates a new enemy, and especially before he ruins our great country permanently.

* God help the USA, for it seems to not know how to help itself (at the moment and for the next four, better not be eight years.)


Btw, all this coming from a non-political, peace and people loving, spiritual, war-hating civilian! (In case anyone cared.)
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