Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Riddle me this, peoples! 
Why is it that Tom Daschle can simply blow off paying taxes on his car to the tune of nearly a hundred thousand dollars $128,000 and nobody catches it until he's nominated for a cabinet position, but Nancy Killefer, Obama's choice for performance czar and overall shooter of the wounded gets slammed with a tax lien for less than a grand (for failing to pay unemployment insurance on household help.)

Unlike Tom Daschle, who had to be bitch-slapped into compliance, Killefer took care of her tax debt on her own, years ago.

And out she goes.

Obama still stands behind Daschle, who doesn't have the grace or honor to step aside for the good of the Administration.

Killefer gets thrown under the bus.

Sorry, Ms. Killefer. The country could have used your services.

Mr. Daschle? Not so much.

Splash, out


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Don't know. But I do remember that when - was it Kimba Wood and Zoe Baird? - got shot down for not paying taxes for their nannies, it was mentioned that surely there had been men who had not done that, but since women seem to have all of the responsibility for what goes on in their households, it had never occurred to anyone to ask if male appointees had paid their nannies' taxes. If true, this is a very apt example of sexism. I wonder if there's a similar double standard in this case. Are we not past this yet?
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