Saturday, February 28, 2009

Letters, I get letters ... 
Robert Connelly, speaking up for 'tards the world over, writes: "Must you slap "-tard" to everything you find questionable or dumb?

Why, yes.

Yes, I must.

Seriously: There are two possible reasons this guy is writing in: Either he has friends or family or loved ones who are developmentally disabled, and doesn't want them insulted by associating them with libtards - a concern I respect and appreciate. Although who would think anyone using the word "libtard" actually would think that the insult attaches to our developmentally disabled friends?

Answer: Only a complete moron.

The second possible reason this guy would object is because he's a liberal, or libtard.

I only use the "-tard" form when referring to libtards and fucktards.

While I see the term "fucktard" very loosely defined, but attaching mostly to liberals - almost by definition, as it happens, for me, the term "libtard" is a term of art.

Not all liberals are libtards. But all libtards are liberals. A libtard is a liberal who takes politics personally, and who comes to conclusions on policy issues by emoting, rather than reasoning.

Splash, out


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