Sunday, February 01, 2009

Iraqi voter participation dwarfs U.S. midterm turnouts 
The media, of course, looks for the negative spin.

The turnout in Iraq's provincial elections yesterday was just over 50 per cent, lower than expected, after confusion over voter registration prevented many people from casting a ballot.

Some Iraqis also blamed a ban on vehicles, saying that their polling station was too far away to reach on foot.

Of course, had Iraq not banned vehicular movement, the threat of car bombs would have had its own depressing effect on voter turnout.

To put it in perspective, Iraq's 51 percent turnout came about during provincial elections. The U.S. only manages to come close to Iraqi participation rates in presidential election years -- and sometimes not even then. And that's without the constant threat of terrorist attack and the proven ability and willingness of terrorists to murder scores of people at a time. And that only after a marathon media blitz.

To compare, here are the turnout percentages over the last five midterm elections in the United States:

2006.... 37.1%
2002... 37.2%
1998... 36.4%
1994... 38.8%
1990... 36.5%

Iraqis turned out to the tune of 51%.

There is a farging miracle happening in Iraq, and all these dorks can do is pull at threads.

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