Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Republicans: Stuck on Stupid 
So Senator Charles Grassley is seriously concerned about an old tax mistake that Obama Treasury nominee Tim Geithner made years ago - and immediately corrected. And he's stroking his chin and hemming and hawing because the housekeeper he legally hired had her work permit expire (briefly) while she continued to work for him. Years ago.

Dear Senate Republicans: We're in the middle of the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression and your worried about a nanny. No wonder you assholes lost the majority and the Presidency.

You people are stuck on stupid.

You aren't going to get a better nominee than Geithner. Confirm him, and get on with it.

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and immediately corrected

after an IRS audit.

from what I've heard the IMF took extra precautions to let their people know they had to pay their taxes. If he was up for any other non-finance related post, I might only giggle about it.

but no, let's put him in charge of the IRS among other things.
If he's so damn smart, he'd fucking know what his tax obligations are, right?

Apparently not. If he's not fit to run his own affairs properly, I doubt he has the ability to cope with the duties of Secretary of Treasury.

Keep in mind that this is the same crowd that said Joe the Plumber didn't know what he was talking about 'cause he owed back taxes. Now owing back taxes doesn't matter?

Obama, thy name is Hubris.
If you or I had that on our record, would we ever be considered for a federal job in a Republican administration? And if the guy is supposed to be a wizard in tax policy, how come he couldn't keep his own affairs in order? Is he above the law? ...and is he really the best and only person for this job, if he's dumb enough to get himself in a jam like this?
I don't buy it. If ZerObama wants him, he's got to be a problem. You don't fix the aftermath of a bubble bursting by blowing up more bubbles in the economy by lowering interest rates artificially and creating a Weimar "Wheelbarrow of currency to buy a loaf of bread" inflation rate. Left alone, painful though it be, the market will rebuild itself. Get Barney the Purple-helmeted Bank Regulator Frank and his friends out of the watchdog role and we might have a chance.
If it were such a big deal, the Republican-controlled IRS already had an opportunity to prosecute. They didn't seem to mind.
I've been telling you for years...
Telling me what, Tom?
That Republicans are "Stuck on Stupid "
I will say that watching the congress debate the New TARP monies that it appears the Democrats are no better. They are planning to do the exact same thing, and are expecting a different result. How stupid is that?

Can I ask you a question, if the banks are in such dire straights, and need all this money. Would it be possible for the government to just make deposits in the bank? You know open 50 billion checking account, for lets say the Interior department, and use the bank as a bank like everyone else. Wouldn't the bank make money in the usual way, plus they would get the cash infusion, in the form of deposits to make due in the short term? Or is that just crazy.
I will say that watching the congress debate the New TARP monies that it appears the Democrats are no better.

They wrote the previous legislation, and now are shocked to find out that the aforementioned legislation gave Paulson carte blanche control over the first half of the first bailout. And he really doesn't want to tell anyone where that money went.

We're so screwed.
"We're so screwed."

I tend to agree. Everyone is calling for stimulus. But they were just complaining about all the money spent on the war. A trillion $$, but isn't a trillion spent on war the same as a trillion spent on stimulus. Didn't the trillion dollar war stimulate the economy? Chances are it was all that money that caused the housing bubble, you have massive tax cuts, and massive spending, one everything Homeland security, the TSA crap, and every thing else. The federal budget grew by a trillion not counting the war? How more spending is going to help, I don't know.

I think they should slash the budget, or move monies to things like bridge building, or infrastructure, but no new spending. Am I'm a die hard liberal.
He didn't immediately correct the problem, he corrected part of it after he was audited and left the rest until after he was nominated by Obama. And to make matters worse, he accepted reimbursement from the IMF for an expense he didn't incur.

You may be right that he's the best candidate the Senate is going to have put before it, but that doesn't mean he's a good candidate, it just means that a president who's a product of Chicago machine politics is going to keep nominating criminals until someone has the stones to reject them.
Geithner, with all his little problems, is still a favorite of republicans.

He's a stalking horse because of those problems. Meanwhile the socialist 'libtards' who will do real damage to the country are breezing through their hearings despite their real, deep, disturbing policy-related problems.

Yes, they are stuck on stupid.

Still, that's not to say we should put this guy in charge of the IRS.
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