Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ready. Fire. Aim. 
Obama's first act as president, it seems, is to paint himself into the most widely anticipated corner in legal history.

Good plan. Shut down Gitmo. THEN decide what we're going to do with all those people.

aying that “our ideals give us the strength and moral high ground” to combat terrorism, President Obama signed executive orders Thursday ending the Central Intelligence Agency’s secret overseas prisons, banning coercive interrogation methods and closing the Guantánamo Bay detention camp within a year.

But even as he reversed the most disputed counterterrorism policies of the Bush years, Mr. Obama postponed for at least six months difficult decisions on the details. He ordered a cabinet-level review of the most challenging questions his administration faces — what to do with dangerous prisoners who cannot be tried in American courts; whether some interrogation methods should remain secret to keep Al Qaeda from training to resist them; and how the United States can make sure prisoners transferred to other countries will not be tortured.

Details, details.

This back-asswards decision-making and reasoning process is illustrative of the fundamental unseriousness of the left in this country. Obama knew damn well that this decision was problematic. That's why he is convening the cabinet level review.

He just doesn't seem to care.

The liberal reasoning is backwards. Intellectually bankrupt.

Their methods have become... unsound.

I predict a lot more people are going to be killed in the attempt to capture them than was the case before.

Splash, out


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