Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Obama Administration plans increase in SSI bennies ... 
Here's the plan:

More than 7 million poor people who are elderly, blind or disabled and receive cash benefits averaging $477 a month could get an extra monthly payment as part of President-elect Barack Obama's $800 billion economic recovery plan.
Democratic congressional aides said the idea of an extra Supplemental Security Income payment is gaining traction on Capitol Hill as lawmakers and staff aides hold daily meetings to work out details of the upcoming stimulus bill. The aides spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the closed-door negotiations...

...The idea of a one-time, additional SSI payment this year would cost about $4 billion, which would go to more than 7 million poor people enrolled in the program. Most of them are disabled, though about 2 million poor seniors would also benefit.
The relatively low cost of the idea seems to help its chances, though it's not a sure bet to be included in the final economic recovery package, which will blend tax cuts for individuals and businesses with huge spending initiatives such as aid to state governments, an increase in local school aid, and infrastructure projects such as road and bridge construction and repair.
"It's in the package as of now," said an aide to a top House leader.

I can see it now: Thousands of Obama supporters will be financially devastated as additional SSI payments blow out their eligibility for Medicaid.

I hope these jokers realize it's not just a matter of cutting some extra checks. Because the scenario I describe above is exactly what will happen if all 50 State legislatures don't carefully coordinate their income limits with the stimulus plan.

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