Thursday, January 22, 2009

Libtards ruin ball to honor wounded veterans 
Leave it to libtards. Especially the animals in the rhythm section.

An inaugural ball honoring U.S. military veterans ended in a kerfluffle as several veterans walked out when a musical act's attempt at humor backfired.

During the Heroes Red, White & Blue Inaugural Ball honoring the nation's veterans, a vocalist with George Clinton and the P. Funk All-Stars held up a white towel with large block letters saying "[Expletive] GEORGE," perturbing many audience members who walked out after the display, interpreting it as a jab at the outgoing commander-in-chief, George W. Bush.

Only a libtard who hangs around entirely too much exclusively with other libtards, with an IQ around room temperature (we call those people "drummers") could possible think for an instant that hanging a sign like that could possibly be appropriate at a casual gig like that.

No musician who calls himself a professional would do that. Whoever put that sign up, that's the last gig that juvenile idiot should get for a decade. He shouldn't even be trusted to play the Nussbaum's kid's Bat Mitzvah or the Sunnyvale High School Prom.

Believe me, I've seen musicians do some stupid things on gigs. And I've seen them shut down by a thundering velvet hand.

That band leader should slice. Like a fucking hammer.

Where's Joe?

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"Slice. Like a fucking hammer." Dude, you're such a moron. :-)

Stay away from Ace else your IQ will go down, your Value-Rite consumption will go up, and you'll be a committed (hospitalized) moron like the rest of us.
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