Monday, January 19, 2009

Bring Out Yer Dead!! 
So it seems Al Qaeda has been faced with an outbreak of bubonic plague in their training camps.
The obvious question: Why are so many Al Qaeda all of a sudden exposed to the bubonic plague?

Answer: Because, very likely, they were screwing around trying to weaponize it. And to some extent, seem to have succeeded - though their targeting was a little off.

Dust off those bio attack response procedures.

Splash, out


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You have to admit, it's a definite possibility.
You think they were breading rats, or something more sinister?
Yes, they may have been breading rats. Or, perhaps they were undertaking a far more disturbing endeavor, coating them with a light coat of corn meal and flour and serving them fried with hot sauce and butter.

I believe they are targeting upstate New York.
You know I was not joking, a box rats in a European city is not outside realm of possibilities. Back during the outbreak of, I cant remember what it's called, I'll think of it latter, there was a rumor that castro was infecting migrating birds and releasing them...
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