Sunday, November 02, 2008

You wanted that access. You needed that access. 
But they had to give it to a less qualified minority.

The skies haven’t been so friendly on Air Obama after the campaign decided on Thursday to pull the seats for reporters from The Washington Times, New York Post and Dallas Morning News — all papers that endorsed John McCain — after Saturday...

And that’s another aspect of the campaign’s decision that’s rankled some in the press corps. Two documentarians and magazine writers from titles including Ebony and Jet have seats through Tuesday, while major newspapers and all of the foreign press — with the exception of Agence France-Presse — have been left off the plane for the final two days of the campaign.

Well, I wouldn't make TOO much of the endorsement angle... I think it would be hard to imagine that the Obama campaign ever thought it had a shot at the Washington Times endorsement anyway. But booting Dallas Morning News for Ebony?

Well, Ebony's circ is no slouch. But I guess this is what passes for post-racial politics at the Obama campaign?

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